Prague Congress Centre, Prague, Czech Republic

4M and EUMINAfab will organise a session, in Meeting Hall V of the Prague Congress Centre, on 4th June from 1400hrs to 1530hrs. It will be jointly chaired by Hans-Hartmann Pedersen (EC) and Bertrand Fillon (CEA). The programme for this session is:

“Industrial nanotechnologies - The MINAM SRA and industrial Nanomanufacturing examples”
(Nottingham University/ Svetan Ratchev)

2nd talk:
“Charged particle nanopatterning of masters for substrate conformal imprint lithography”
(Philips Research/ Falco van delft)

3rd talk:
"Micro and Nano Manufacturing: Challenges and Opportunities"
(Cardiff University/Stefan Dimov)

4th talk:
“Bottom up surface functionalization by dip-pen nanolithography at the Karlsruhe NanoMicro Facility(KNMF)”
(Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe/KIT/Steven Lenhert)

5th talk:
“Effect of DLC surface nanotexturing on friction and wear during lubricated sliding"
(CEA-LITEN/Caroline Chouquet)

Main Programme:


4th congress on Micro and Nano Manufacturing

Micromachines - Supporting the 4M Association

MDPI - Supporting the 4M Association

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