Nanosciences & Nanotechnologies – NN09


Thessaloniki, Greece.

Deadline for submission:
17th April 2009

Abstracts should be addressed to:

After the successful organisation of the international NN06, NN07 and NN08 Conferences and the 1st SS-NN07 and 2nd International SS-NN08 Summer Schools, you are invited to participate, announce and submit abstracts, for the following events:

6th International Conference on “Nanosciences & Nanotechnologies” – NN09 (13-15 July 2009), and the;

3rd International Summer School on “Nanosciences & Nanotechnologies” (SS-NN09) (11-17 July 2009);

NN09 key objectives are to promote profound scientific discussions between different disciplines and to consider the possible benefits of N&N, to encourage networking and collaboration between different academia, research and industry players in the field and to stimulate the exchange of educational concepts. We are glad to announce the participation of internationally acknowledged top speakers who will present the state-of-the-art of specific areas and hot topics on N&N that will open up new perspectives in the coming years.

The NN09 Conference sessions will cover the most advanced topics and subjects in the multidisciplinary areas of:

Organic Electronics & Photonics and Nanoelectronics
Nanobiotechnology and Nanomedicine
Thin Films, Meta-materials and Spintronics
Nanomaterials, Nanoengineering and Nanomechanics
Nanotechnology in Energy and Environment
Theoretical and Computational Modelling at the Nanoscale
Nanotechnology in Safety and Education
Nanometrology, Instrumentation and Tools
Commercialization of Nanotechnology

The NN09 Program includes keynotes and invited lectures from top scientists and industry experts, oral and poster presentations, nanotechnology instrumentation exhibition and surrounding events.

More details about the NN09 & SS-NN09 and the preliminary Conference Programme can be found at the NN09 website (

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