Workshop on Technologies for the manufacture of miniaturised moulded interconnect devices(MID)


Moulded interconnect devices (MIDs) are thermoplastic circuit carriers with a patterned surface metallization which combines mechanical and electrical functionalities on a single device.

Integration of micro metallic structures in polymer devices is a broad multi-disciplinary research field, consisting of various combinations of mechanical, chemical and physical fabrication methods. Some of these combinations have been known for years and have mostly been used for decorative purposes. Other combinations or methods are very new and developing. MIDs contain huge possibilities for many applications in micro electro-mechanical-systems because of their potential in reducing the number of components, process steps and finally in miniaturization of the product.

The seminar will present state-of-the-art on materials (polymers and metals) as well as manufacturing processes and process chains. The industrial application of MID technology will be represented by examples.

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