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Recent developments in printing processes such as inkjet printing and screen printing: application to microelectronic and ceramic.

Nanostructures in Metal Moving Liquid Uphill

Femtosecond laser ablation is applied to change the surface structure of metals, such that it lifts liquid by capillary action at a speed that would make nature envious.

Ceramics Processing in Microtechnology

Dr. H.-J. Ritzhaupt-Kleissl and Assoc. Professor Per Johander

4M Ceramics DivisionCeramics Processing in Microtechnology presents an overview of the current status and future prospects for the processing of ceramic materials in microtechnology. It encompasses the complete process from requirements of the design process, through material development, microforming and thermal processing, and metrology.

4M Ceramics workshop at the Hannover Fair

The second workshop about ceramics processing and application was held during the Hannover Fair on 21st of April 2009. The focus was put on the fabrication and processing of ceramic microcomponents using different techniques like ceramic injection molding, LTCC-fabrication and abrasive waterjet cutting technology. In the concluding discussion the costs were identified as fundamental bottleneck for the success of ceramic microcomponents.

4M Ceramics Workshop in Goteborg

4M Ceramics Workshop in Goteborg
The first of two seminars about ceramic processing and application was held in Goteborg the 11th of March.

In total 15 persons attended the workshop. The focus of the seminar was on applications for ceramics in Sensors & Actuators, but we also covered the Injection moulding of Ceramic Micro Components, Tape Casting and information about the Multi Layer Project.

The second seminar will be held in Hannover Fair on the 21st April 2009.

4th congress on Micro and Nano Manufacturing

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