Micro-Optics Interest Group

The aim of this group is to bring together commercial and non-commercial/academic parties interested in the technologies applied in micro optical manufacturing.

To find out more information about the latest developments in this area visit the webpages of the group at: www.opticsmanufacturing.net

Hot embossing glass – to the nearest micrometer

The lens is what matters: if lens arrays could be made of glass, it would be possible to make more conveniently sized projectors.

Optics - Key technology for the future


With this two-day colloquium centred around the topics of optics and photonics the Fraunhofer Institutes for Productions Technology (IPT) and Laser Technology (ILT) offer a forum of information about current perspectives, technological innovations and new applications from industry and research.

2nd Aachen Precision Days


This international conference with a thematic focus on precision and ultra-precision manufacturing, is addressed at participants in the field of industry and research.

Integrating optical sensing into lab-on-a-chip systems

A combination of waveguides and microfluidics is easily achieved through femtosecond-laser micromachining.

Multipurpose integrated active contact lenses

Electronics, sensors, and communication capabilities will all be embedded in future contact lenses, presenting new opportunities in applications ranging from medicine to virtual reality.

4th congress on Micro and Nano Manufacturing

Micromachines - Supporting the 4M Association

MDPI - Supporting the 4M Association

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Micro-Optics Interest Group

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