March'10 Bulletin

March'10 Bulletin

4M2010, Job Opportunity, New company, ICOMM/4M, EUMINAfab, FP7, Metrology - EMRP, Discounted training from FRSM.

European Metrology Research Programme (EMRP)

A call for potential metrology research topics on EMRP is open now to any entity or individual. The deadline for submissions is 28th March 2010.

Scitech Precision Ltd.

A company which combines unique expertise in micro engineering and design to make ultra-precise parts for laser experiments has been launched.

4M2010 Invited Speakers

The following speakers have been confirmed for 4M2010:
* Eric Baer, Case Western Reserve University, USA
* Phil Coates, Bradford University, UK
* Heinz Kück, HSG-IMAT, Germany
* Nozomu Mishima, AIST, Japan
* Herman Schoo, TNO, The Netherlands
* Alexander Stuck, CSEM, Switzerland

MEMS/Microfluidics Course


Aimed at engineers, biologists and chemists, this course will provide an introduction to MEMS and Micro-Fluidics in the context of the imminent expansion of System-on-Chip and System-in-Package technologies which enable the creation of miniature devices that integrate transducers electronic signal processing.

Micro-Nano-Bio Convergence Systems


The 4th MNBS Concertation and Consultation Workshop in Neuchatel/Switzerland is co-organized by the European Commission and CSEM. For the first time, this event will be open to external participants of the MNBS cluster:

February'10 Bulletin

February'10 Bulletin

4M2010 speakers announced, ICOMM/4M2010 USA, Aachen Precision Days, Microforming workshop, Microfluidics, Training, MORGaN, MEMS Trends

2nd Aachen Precision Days


This international conference with a thematic focus on precision and ultra-precision manufacturing, is addressed at participants in the field of industry and research.

Ilika and CeramTec enter into Joint Development Project

Ilika Technologies Ltd, a company specializing in the use of high-throughput methods to accelerate materials development, today announced that it had entered into a joint development project with CeramTec, the world-leading ceramics company, for the development and commercialization of novel ceramic materials.

4th congress on Micro and Nano Manufacturing

Micromachines - Supporting the 4M Association

MDPI - Supporting the 4M Association

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