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4M MicroFluidics Division


The next and last divisional meeting (microfluidic division) will be held in Karlsruhe following the 4M GC meeting.

Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) FEMTO-ST

material properties:
thermal stability up to 105 °C
material structure: amorphous
thermal conductivity_ 0.17 - 0.19 (W m-1 K-1 )
thermal expansion coefficient: 70-77 (x10-6 K-1)
Young's modulus: 2.4-3.3 (GPa)

process parameters:
temperature: 130 °C - 180 °C
min. structure wide: submicrometric range

Polycarbonate FEMTO-ST

material properties:
thermal stability up to 150 °C
material structure: amorphous

process parameters:
temperature: 170 - 200 °C


material properties:
thermal stability up to 138- 139 °C
material structure: amorphous
thermal conductivity: 0.2 (W m-1 K-1 )
Young's modulus: 2.2 - 2.5 (GPa)

process parameters:
temperature: 170 - 190 °C


used material: Metals (Cr, Al)

material properties:
most relevant chemical non-resistance: strong acids
optical transparency: opaque

process parameters:
temperature: ~100 C (photo resist baking)
used chemicals: photoresist developer
e-beam direct writing might be required

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