Workshop on "Tape 3D structuring"



  • recent developments in innovative tool-making solutions for the fabrication of large area stamps/rollers with complex 3D shapes;

  • solutions for tape structuring employing different direct rapid machining/structuring techniques such as laser structuring, punching, embossing; and

  • inmould labelling techniques for application to Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems (MEMS).

The workshop will include oral presentations. Each participant will be allowed 30 minutes per presentation and at the end of each session there will be 10 minutes question time.

All contributions will be made available on the internet at

Orbassano (Turin), Italy.

For further details you can download the event flyer by clicking on the icon below.

Participation is open to all scientists interested in ceramics and printing technologies. There is no registration fee charged (deadline for registration by e-mail : 29th October 2010)

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