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Silicon on Ceramics - A New Concept for Micro-Nano-Integration on Wafer Level

LTCC (low temperature cofired ceramics) are established materials for “System in Package” solutions due to the integration of passive elements, such as capacitors or resistors, associated with short development times as well as simple and cheap processing.

Silicon on ceramics

Really interesting. One wonders how well-adapted the TCE of the LTCC is to the silicon over the entire range from room temperature to the sintering temperature. Any residual stress would cause substrate bending, undesired in many MEMS applications.

Sjoerd Haasl

Silicon on Ceramics

I need to applaud these researchers. The idea of using nanoscale surfaces to minimize processing temperature was hitherto not very successful - they found a very good way for implementation!

Still think, the concept of working with a CMOS process AFTER the ceramic has been bonded on the back will give all CMOS fab guys a shudder over their back, but its an idea worth to observe!


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