Vacancy for a Research Scientist in Microsystems

SWEREA IVF are seeking a Research Scientist in Microsystems to work on the development of technology for microsystem packaging.


Work description: You will work with the development of technology for microsystem packaging. Integration and packaging of microsystems usually requires specific solutions for every application and therefore flexible manufacturing methods. Function integration and length scale integration are therefore key issues in the research and development of new packaging and manufacturing technologies for integration of microsystems in products. The work will focus on micro manufacturing technologies for forming and joining of ceramics, polymers and metals. The specific research project you will initially work with deals with next generation 3-D interconnection components for integration of high temperature sensors. Much of the work will be performed in an international environment and management of EU-projects and proposals to EU are very important parts of the work. The research and development are more focused on industrial development than on academic qualification and therefore it is important to develop and maintain good contacts with companies.

Working Environment: Swerea IVF and five other Swedish industrial research institutes constitute the Swerea Group of R&D institutes. The Swerea Group creates, refines, supplies, and transfers new findings from applied research into industrial use with the objective of generating industrial growth. The Swerea institutes provide advanced services within the sectors of materials, process, product, and production technology. These services include research and development, testing, pilot production, training, standardization, and consulting. Swerea is owned jointly by the Swedish industry and government.

Qualifications: You will have an academic degree and/or long time experience from industrial research and development of electronic packaging or microsystem development. Reliability and failure analysis are important for the development of reliable packaging of microsystem and therefore experience from such analytical tools such as SEM, EDS, Auger, XPS, TOF-SIM are important. You are fluent in English and have good organisational ability.

Applications: Via the Swerea website

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