Special Issue on 4M in IJAMT

The following papers from 4M2007 are accepted for publication in the Special Issue on 4M in the International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology (IJAMT):

Influence of microstructure on the mechanical properties and the forming behaviour of very thin metal foils - A. Diehl , U. Engel and M. Geiger

A soft moulding process for manufacture of net-shape ceramic microcomponents - Zhigang Zhu, Hany Hassanin and Kyle Jiang

Polymer lab-on-chip systems with integrated electrochemical pumps suitable for large-scale fabrication - J. Nestler, A. Morschhauser, K. Hiller, T. Otto, S. Bigot, J. Auerswald, H. F. Knapp, J. Gavillet and T. Gessner.

Investigations on reel-to-reel hot embossing - T. Velten , H. Schuck, W. Haberer and F. Bauerfeld.

Multi-component microinjection moulding-trends and developments - V. Piotter , J. Prokop, H.-J. Ritzhaupt-Kleissl, A. Ruh and J. Hausselt.

Investigation of surface treatment effects in micro-injection-moulding - C. A. Griffiths , S. S. Dimov, E. B. Brousseau, C. Chouquet, J. Gavillet and S. Bigot

Investigation of polymer inserts as prototyping tooling for micro injection moulding - C. A. Griffiths, S. Bigot , E. Brousseau, M. Worgull, M. Heckele, J. Nestler and J. Auerswald.

Calibration of a white light interferometer for the measurement of micro-scale dimensions - Carlo Ferri , Julian Faraway and Emmanuel Brousseau

New tool-workpiece setting up technology for micro-milling - K. Popov , S. Dimov, A. Ivanov, D. T. Pham and E. Gandarias

Process capabilities of Micro-EDM and its applications - Kun Liu , Bert Lauwers and Dominiek Reynaerts

Towards the effective tool wear control in micro-EDM milling - G. Bissacco , J. Valentincic, H. N. Hansen and B. D. Wiwe

Deposition and focused ion beam milling of anticorrosive CrC coatings on tool steel substrates - R. Minev, M. Ilieva, J. Kettle, G. Lalev, S. Dimov, D. Tzaneva, I. Dermendjiev and R. Shishkov

New approaches for an automated production in ultra-precision machining - C. Brecher and M. Weinzierl

Study of process parameters effect on the filling phase of micro-injection moulding using weld lines as flow markers - G. Tosello , A. Gava, H. N. Hansen and G. Lucchetta

Developments in microultrasonic machining (MUSM) at FEMTO-ST - J. J. Boy , E. Andrey, A. Boulouize and Chantal Khan-Malek.

New systematic and time-saving procedure to design cup grinding wheels for the application of ultrasonic-assisted grinding - Christian Brecher, Ralf Schug, Andreas Weber, Christian Wenzel and Sophia Hannig.

Some recent advances in multi-material micro- and nano-manufacturing - E. B. Brousseau , S. S. Dimov and D. T. Pham

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