SMARTIEHS is an FP7-CP STREP which is developing a smart, high-speed, cost effective and flexible inspection system for production of Micro(Opto)ElectroMechanicalSystems (M(O)EMS).

SMARTIEHS decreases the inspection time of a wafer by a factor of 100. It cuts production costs and shortens the time-to-market. To achieve this, SMARTIEHS develops an innovative measurement concept:

  • A probing wafer consisting of an array of micro optical sensors is adapted to, and aligned with, the wafer under test.
  • The design and production of the micro-optical interferometer array inspects 100 M(O)EMS structures within only one measurement cycle.
  • A multifunctional approach of the measurement concept allows the inspection of passive and active parameters within one inspection system.
  • A novel smart pixel detector array is developed.

SMARTIEHS provides a multifunctional design with two interferometer configurations; a low coherent interferometer and a laser interferometer. The project focuses on the measurement of shape and deformation, resonance frequency and vibration amplitude distribution.

If you wish to learn more about this project contact Marco Pizzi of Techfab srl.

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