New laser source adapted for polymer welding developed in POLYBRIGHT project

High power fiber 500W laser source with adapted wavelength for polymer welding developed in the frame of the European project POLYBRIGHT.

The fact that most polymers possess high laser radiation absorptivity at longer wavelengths in the infra-red spectral range is well known. However, commercially available laser sources emitting at these wavelengths have not been available until recently. In order to extend the limits of polymer welding, laser producer IPG Laser GmbH, located in Burbach/Germany aims within the frame of the European POLYBRIGHT project to further develop such laser sources and to enhance their optical power output. After two years of the project a new laser source with an optical power of 500 W has been developed: an Erbium multimode fiber laser (ELS-500) emitting at 1567 nm.

For the full story you can download the Press Release below.

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