1st European Microfluidics Consortium

This European Microfluidics Consortium brings together stakeholders in Microfluidics from UK and the rest of Europe to air their questions and learn about state-of-the-art, recent applications, market dynamics as well as key issues which are constraining growth and scale-up.

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The pan-European Consortium, organised by CfBI, consists of current and latent developers, users and integrators of microfluidic technologies, together with potential regulators and public sector promoters with the objective of facilitating the uptake in commercial applications.

Stakeholders with interests in microfluidics applied to; medical research; point-of-care diagnostics; environment; food; cosmetics; homeland security; printing and beyond who will join the Consortium will steer its work and share its outputs.

The Consortium has arisen from discussions in the Cambridge (UK) area (home to a significant microfluidics sub-community including; The Dolomite Centre; Sanger Institute; Xaar; Domino; The Technology Partnership; Kodak and Philips Research, as well as the Huck Group at the University of Cambridge).

All are seeking to learn from experiences taking ink-jet printing to the mass market and also from the demands arising from Genomic research. The time has come to take this discussion to the rest of Europe.

4th congress on Micro and Nano Manufacturing

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