4M Conference Series

The annual conference provides a forum for experts from industry and academia to share the results of their in-depth investigations and engage in interdisciplinary discussions about the creation of micro-manufacturing capabilities.

Scope of 4M Conference

Microsystems-based products are a key value-adding element for many sectors of industry - and the predicted nanotechnology future will also be largely delivered by microtechnologies. While the late 20th century saw a silicon-based microelectronics revolution, the 21st century looks forward to the adoption of micro- and nano-manufacturing technologies as the demand for function and length scale integrations increases continuously on the way to bridging the gap between the nano- and the macro-worlds.

4M2009 Proceedings

The Proceedings of the 4M2009 Conference are available again online.

Organising Committee

Humbert Noll, FOTEC and University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt, Austria (Chairman)

Nadja Adamovic, TU Wien, Austria (Co-Chair)
Stefan Dimov, Birmingham University, UK (Co-Chair)

Werner Brenner, TUWien, Austria
Chantal Khan-Malek, FEMTO-ST, France
Bertrand Fillon, CEA, France
Sabino Azcarate, TEKNIKER, Spain
Stéphane Bredeau, CEA, France
Hans Nørgaard Hansen, DTU, Denmark
Massimiliano Annoni, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Victoire de Margerie, RONDOL Ltd, UK
Ulf Engel, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany
Kornel Ehmann, Northwest



4M2012 takes place in Vienna, Austria.

All the latest up to date information will appear on the 4M2012 webpages.

History of the 4M Conference Series

This series of conferences on multi-material micro-manufacture is organised by the 4M Association. 4M2006 attendees


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4M Conference Series

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