PolyBright - update

In March 2010 we informed you about the launch of the PolyBright project.

After almost two years their first Newsletter is published and early results can be viewed on the project webpages.

Chaos in Microlasers

Würzburg physicists have created a microlaser with unique properties. They have also succeeded in making the laser behave chaotically. In future, it may be possible to use this for a new, secure form of data transmission.



In the frame of Photonic West 2012 a conference entitled Laser Applications in Microelectronic and Optoelectronic Manufacturing (LAMOM) XVII is being held.

Research Associate in Laser Processing

The Manufacturing Engineering Centre (MEC) at the School of Engineering, Cardiff University is looking to recruit a Research Associate (RA) in the area of laser processing.

Advanced micro-manufacturing with lasers


The Association of Industrial Laser Users (AILU) is to hold a workshop on ‘Advanced micro-manufacturing with lasers’.

Laser interference lithography

Two important breakthroughs by European researchers have brought an emerging nano-scale fabrication technology out of the lab and into the real world. The technique promises lower cost production of nano-devices at higher resolutions.

Extending the process limits of laser polymer welding

PolybrightPOLYBRIGHT is an FP7 Project on Extending the Process Limits of Laser Polymer Welding with High-Brilliance Beam Sources.

Scitech Precision Ltd.

A company which combines unique expertise in micro engineering and design to make ultra-precise parts for laser experiments has been launched.

Nanostructures in Metal Moving Liquid Uphill

Femtosecond laser ablation is applied to change the surface structure of metals, such that it lifts liquid by capillary action at a speed that would make nature envious.

Integrating optical sensing into lab-on-a-chip systems

A combination of waveguides and microfluidics is easily achieved through femtosecond-laser micromachining.

4th congress on Micro and Nano Manufacturing

Micromachines - Supporting the 4M Association

MDPI - Supporting the 4M Association

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